DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 52V 1000W 20Ah 1040Wh 26er Merak In Stock FREE Shipping

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Weight35.5 kg
Dimensions162 × 35 × 87 cm
Frame Color

Red_Glossy, Black_Matt


Economical, Professional

Frame Size

17"(M), 19"(L)

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1000W (160N.m)

Motor Capacity

52V 20Ah

LG Batteries

80-100 miles



Shift System

400 lbs

Payload Capacity


Speed Limit

DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike

DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 1000W 1040Wh 26er Wheels, used for snow/sand riding. Equipped with BAFANG M620 UART 1000W 52V Gear sensor motor and Lithium-ion 52V 20Ah 1040Wh battery. TORAY T700 carbon fiber frame, 120 full suspension, 26er Wheels, internal cable routing, post mount disc brake.

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Specification and geometry

TORAY Carbon Fiber

Manufactured with Toray T700 carbon fiber. Lightweight, strong, stiff and durable.


Internal cable routing

Internal cable routing gives the bike a sleek, tight and attractive look.


DengFu suspension dual shoulders fork, 120mm travel,1 1/8″-1 1/2″(OD62mm,ID56mm).
DengFu suspension fork, 120mm travel,1 1/8″-1 1/2″(OD62mm,ID56mm).

Rear Shock

DNM 210×55 Air Cylinder 32.3/16.8 Bush(70mm).
SRAM 210×55 ordinary style(70mm).


BAFANG M620 UART 1000W 52V Gear sensor.


Rhino Lithium-ion 52V 20Ah 1040Wh, 4A Fast Charging.

Rear Derailleur and Cassette

SRAM 12 RD X5 9S LONG CAGE BLK Rear Derailleur X5 TRIGGER REAR 9-SPD BLK 2200MM CABLE Shifters and CS PG 920 11-34 9 Speed Cassette.
SRAM SX Rear Derailleur SRAM SX
Shifters and SRAM SX 12 Speed Cassette.


Attack 4 Piston Brakes.
SRAM G2 Brakes.


BAFANG Display and Aluminum Swallow handle 800mm.

Wheels and Tyre

Aluminum Alloy Snow wheel set+Chosen fat hub 150×15/197×12+DT spokes, 32/32 holes. and Tyre KENDA 26×4.0.

Saddle and seat post

TTZ008 Comfortable Black and Aluminum seat post 31.6mm diameter 350mm drop.
Comfortable, Black FIZIK and UDING suspension seat post 150mm travl.


Rotor 180mm DISC Brake.

5 reviews for DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 52V 1000W 20Ah 1040Wh 26er Merak In Stock FREE Shipping

  1. Juergen (verified owner)

    I have ridden 700 km with that bike so far.
    I like it very much. The geometry fits perfect to me.
    Until now I don´t have any problems.
    There are only two points to critisize:
    The original kenda tires are very bad in curves and comfort.
    I replaced them throug Schwalbe Jumbo Jim.
    With these tires the bike runs perfect.
    The maximum trip distance is insufficient.
    In eco mode with support level 1 I can reach not more than 55 km.
    Therefore I bought a spare battery that I carry with me im my backpack when I go to larger trips.
    But these points do not change the great overall impression.

    DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 52V 1000W 20Ah 1040Wh 26er Merak In Stock FREE Shipping
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  2. Juergen (verified owner)

    The bike seems to be made for me in terms of geometry.
    The engine in sport mode is realy spectacular.
    I really enjoy driving it.
    However, there are two weak points:
    The double shoulder fork is way too hard.
    I hope to be able to solve this with help of the dengfu support.
    The range is too small. Maximum 60 km in assist mode 1 and eco.
    In future I have to operate with a second battery
    Last I would like to expressly praise the Dengfu support.
    Really great.

    DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 52V 1000W 20Ah 1040Wh 26er Merak In Stock FREE Shipping
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  3. thermaling (verified owner)

    I received my E56 19” Pro Dec 31st with the model name ‘Merak’ running along the top tube. I am 6’ and 250lbs. It fits me well. The dropper seat post has some issues locking in place(the cable line probably needs some oil). Being fully extended is where it feels best for me. My other non powered mnt bike is a 29er. The biggest difference is the axle to axle distance, which is 5” longer with the Merak. The ride feels fine at a higher tire pressure of 20lbs. Fat tires often have lower air pressure with a range of 5lbs to 30lbs. I probably will lower it a 2-3 lbs for a slightly softer ride. At 20lbs it feels very similar to my 29er. The longer axle to axle distance is more noticeable with lower tire pressure. The other thing that stood out is the pedal clearance from the ground. It is about 3/4” lower than my 29er. I might even buy shorter crank arms to help reduce clipping things with the pedals. My home riding site is Fort Ord (Monterey, CA) which has a maze of single track trails. Most of it is compressed sand but with softer patches appearing more commonly in the dryer months. I ride with a group of roughly 20 other riders most of them have e-bikes (Specialized & Santa Cruz being the most popular). I’m sixty with bad knees and was finding it challenging to keep up without the power assist. This is no longer the case. The E56 Merak is a terrific choice. It handles the tight single track trails just fine and the ruts and bumps better then all the other bikes. I was very hesitant to buy a unknown Chinese carbon fiber bike but right now feel it was a great decision. The battery is big and long lasting. One thing that is unclear from Winice specs is the weight. It is heavy. Its shipping weight was 98.1 lbs. it comes boxed within another cardboard box so you can guesstimate about 10-20lbs less. Frustrating that they don’t share that data. The Bafang E620 Ultra motor is great and the pedal assist is terrific. Riding on flat and downhill without motor assist is possible but you immediately regret not having power on even the shallowest of slopes. It senses when you shift and engages momentarily with a soft transition. Like non powered bikes don’t shift under load or you’ll likely damage gears or the chain. The cool thing with the controller is you can, with a PC and 3rd party USB cable tweak the controller settings. I have a friend that upped the 5 assist settings to 9 allowing him to have more nuanced increments. YouTube has many videos on this topic. I’ll probably lower the assist amount on settings 1-3 so I can have a better workout and negotiate awkward trail sections even more slowly. A setting of 1 is too much assist in my opinion. BTW, having a throttle is awesome but not allowed in many parks and also the motor is considered too powerful as well in many parks. I personally think it is a stupid line in the sand to make. Having more power helps you match the performance of lighter bikes and lighter riders. There is also a quick easy walk assist mode to help you walk along the bike uphill. The bike looks great. I chose red. Beautiful finish. I had two small nicks in the paint job on the frame from the front wheel spokes. Most of the bike is already put together except the front wheel, handle bars, seat, crank arms and pedals. There are no instructions. Wiring is all in place so most everything is extremely easy and obvious. It is a fun fast ride. It maxes out at just about 30mph on flat pavement. If you just use the throttle and ride it hard and fast the battery can be depleted much more quickly (less then 2hrs) and you can destroy the motor by overheating things but if you use pedal assist you can ride continously for 4-6 hrs. Treat the bike kindly by using lower gearing when you start or go up steep hills(Don’t race it hard and long) and you’ll likely have the bike last you for many, many years. Overall I am very happy with bike, it looks and rides great!

    DengFu Winice E56 FAT Carbon Ebike M620 UART 52V 1000W 20Ah 1040Wh 26er Merak In Stock FREE Shipping
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  4. shanecrxcsp122 (verified owner)

    Just received my 19 inch e56 complete bike. It was packaged very well with no damage from shipping. It shipped fast, ordered on a Friday and received bike 12 days later. Assembly was fast and after checking bike over I took it for 1st test ride(battery already had a partial charge). Test ride consisted of dirt roads and smooth single track. E56 was great, plenty of power in both eco and sport. Brakes and suspension where better then I thought they’d be. I’m very happy with the fit and finish of bike. I own a specialized turbo levo gen 3, giant carbon e+2 trance and a giant e reign and the e56 will make a great collection to my e-bike garage. 1st mod will be to install dropper and get studded tires as I planned on riding the e56 in the winter months but after a short ride I might be riding it more then that. I’m planning on some more single track riding soon with it to see more of it’s capabilities. On the fence about ordering the frame battery motor combo next and build one up from scratch or try the e55. Either way it’ll be fun!!!

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Specification And Geometry

Level: Economical Professional
Frame TORAY T700 carbon fiber, 120mm travel, internal cable routing, post mount disc brake, 197×12 thru axle.
Fork DengFu suspension dual shoulders fork, 120mm travel, 1 1/8″-1 1/2″(OD62mm,ID56mm). DengFu suspension fork, 120mm travel, 1 1/8″-1 1/2″(OD62mm,ID56mm).
Seat post Aluminum seat post, 31.6mm diameter, 350mm drop. UDING suspension seat post, 150mm travel.
Headset 1 1/8″-1 1/2″(OD62mm,ID56mm).
Motor BAFANG M620 UART 1000W 52V shift sensor.
Sensor Torque sensor
Battery Rhino Lithium-ion LG cells 52V 20Ah 1040Wh, 4A Fast Charging.
Thumb throttle With thumb throttle
Rear Derailleur SRAM 12 RD X5 9S LONG CAGE BLK. SRAM SX 12S.
Front Derailleur W/O
Crankset BAFANG EB11 170mm 40T double chain guard.
Cassette SRAM CS PG 920 11-34 9 Speed. SRAM SX 12S 12 Speed.
Brakes Attack 4 Piston Brakes. SRAM G2.
Chain KMC 9S. SRAM SX.
Rotor Disc size: 180mm Z8.
Wheels Aluminum Alloy Snow wheel set+Chosen fat hub 150×15/197×12 + DT spokes, 32/32 holes.
Tyre KENDA 26erx4.0″.
Rear Shock DNM 210×55 Air Cylinder 32.3/16.8 (70mm), 32.3/16.8 Bush. SRAM 210×55 ordinary style(70mm).
Handlebar Aluminum Swallow Handle 800mm.
Stem Aluminum 45mm.
Saddle TTZ008 Comfortable, Black. Comfortable, Black FIZIK.
Pedal Alloy pedals.
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